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Location and setting. Include relevant architectural features (date and style of building), and nearby landmarks or points of interest (with distance in blocks, meters, kilometers or miles). The guestrooms that are being sold, include decor, furnishings, bedding and any other distinguishing features.

GLK PREMIER Regency Suites & Spa was built in contemporary style, is set in the centre of old city Istanbul, 200 meters from the dramatic Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Archeological Museum, Basilica Cistern and many more historical monuments and 500 meters from the Grand Bazaar. Our terrace has scenic views of the Bosporus and Blue Mosque. We are 55 kilometers away from the main Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Accommodation at GLK PREMIER Regency Suites & Spa


Welcome to the Istanbul Art De Vivre!

Located at the heart of Istanbul between Europe and Asia, The GLK PREMIER Regency Suites & Spa commands an extensive view of a relatively small area that has nonetheless witnessed 2000 years of the history of some of the richest civilizations humanity has ever known: Ancient, Greece The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire and The Ottoman Empire!

It is only a few steps from The Blue Mosque, Saint Sophie and Topkapi Palace. The hotel, a lovely mansion built in 1905, is a listed historic monument today. The elegance of its origin is still amply visible in the neo-classical molding on the facade and the solid wood or beige Bursa granite floors. Numerous details and features in the house bear witness to a world of such sophistication that its sultans are portrayed holding a flower.

The hotel’s rugs, like the motifs on the walls, seem to have stepped straight out of the Topkapi Palace.


As century old traditions require, the hammam of The GLK PREMIER Regency Suites & Spa features a suite of three rooms with different functions: hot room, warm room and cool room.

The hotel is equally dedicated to maintaining state-of-the-art international hotel standards, which rather than detracting from its historic past, leave its guests free to savour and appreciate this heritage.

In this way, The GLK PREMIER Premier Regency Suites & Spa distils the quintessence of Istanbul’s distinctive lifestyle, particularly from its 16 suites: the dome of the Blue Mosque surrounded by six slender minarets, the monotonous chant of the muezzin, the enchanting hush that reigns over the city in the morning, the sweetly scented Topkapi Park, the view of Bosporus or the Marmara Sea on which the Prince’s Islands seem almost to float or its mouth-watering exotic cuisine, etc. The justly dubbed ‘Golden Horn’, which the hotel overlooks, sumptuously sums up the inexhaustible wealth of this matchless location.